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About the author

Bruno Simlesa (1979) is a Croatian author of spiritual literature. He has published six books, the latest of which - `School of Life` - topped the list of Croatian best-sellers for the last two years. Alongside his writing career, for the past ten years Simlesa has been organizing workshops helping the participants take a healthy approach to life in general and their own self in particular. He is the editor of spiritual literature at his publishing house, writes a weekly column for a daily paper and is a regular guest on Croatian TV and radio talk-shows. He is married and has a daughter and leads a happy, passionate and fulfilled life.

Author's Note on the Author

I considered giving you all the usual information people are apparently interested in first – age, marital status, education, previously published books, occupation and such like. However, it might be better to introduce myself in my own way, and some of this kind of information may stray into my introduction anyway.

I think the most important thing I can say is that I am a truly happy man. I am happy with absolutely every aspect of my life and I had worked hard to achieve it. As I was growing up, I remember the predominant thought was always the discovery of truth. The truth about why grown-ups tell lies, the truth about how clouds came about, the truth about everything I encountered. I wasn't really bothered about how I fared at school or whether anyone fancied me, whether anybody wanted to be my friend or anything like that. It was much more important that my solitary walks should reveal the truth about some aspects of life. In my teenage years, I started off wondering about the origin of clouds and the hypocrisy of adults and ended up questioning the meaning of life itself.

All of a sudden, I started taking an interest in different ways of finding happiness, the boundaries of the human mind, in how to achieve harmony between the inner and the outside world, or rather, how to adapt the outside to the inner world. In the course of this solitary quest, I was helped along by a special sense which reacted whenever I reached the right conclusion. Some might call it intuition, but I tend not to. Quite simply, every time my thoughts led me to the truth, I just knew it, felt in my bones. So far, in over thirty years of my life, I have felt this certainty thousands of times. It always turned out to be correct and that's how I learned to trust it. That is how my experience of life and my experience of truth developed.

I felt the urge to share those initial impressions, so I wrote a book, entitled Destiny of the Soul (2001). Since quite a few people were drawn to my theory, but did not know how to put it into practice, I started holding talks and organizing seminars with the purpose of explaining just that. Transcripts of the seminars were later published under the title Gratitude of Love (2003) and Perfection of Creation (2007). In Love, I tried to explain how to discover and strengthen your inner beauty and how to neutralize the things you find disturbing: Creation, on the other hand, is an attempt at explaining the origins of the world and our role in it. Not surprisingly, most people felt Gratitude of Love, addressed their problems much more directly, since it is mostly problems we encounter on a daily basis. In the meantime, I also published a book of poetry Listening for Midday 2007, since I felt my verses deserved that honour.

I graduated in sociology at Zagreb University. I remember giving a speech on closure with the past and the nature of human consciousness one Wednesday evening. The morning after, on Thursday, I was supposed to discuss my thesis, which was about the sense of insecurity in contemporary world. They were interesting times.

I currently hold three jobs and they are all nice and fulfilling in different ways. I work as an editor of spiritual literature, I hold seminars teaching people how to love and how to go about discovering truth and, last but not least, I am a writer. I love all three jobs because they are complementary and they all do something to enhance my role as love's emissary. That is your role too; it's just that I realized it earlier than most. I lead an intense, impassioned and exceptionally happy life.

Throughout the past eight or nine years, that feeling of happiness has been my constant companion. I go through every day, every single second of my life feeling that I am a sacred being in love with that life. I refuse to compromise my true self and I positively adore my life!

Two wonderful new things have happened to me this year. I got a fabulous, lively, irresistible daughter and a wonderful and very much alive School of Life. Quite frankly, at this moment I don't feel the need to share my feelings about the little one, but the book you are reading requires a few words. Everything written in this book is the outcome of my life long research of the laws of life and a decade of working with people, trying to put theory into practice on a daily basis. This is indisputably, the most accessible of my books, precisely because it focuses on practice - what exactly you must do in order to start loving yourself, how to live life to the full, how to build the life you want - everything from start to finish. As you will have seen, it doesn't have to be written in the usual way, in other words, I don't operate on the assumption that my readers are simple-minded. Quite the opposite, I assume that you are wonderful, albeit somewhat confused creatures, searching fo r your way to happiness and in need of a good compass! The experience so far has shown that School offers it to all those who truly want to be happy.

This is why I love it so much, and I do hope you will let it show you how life works. I am happily married, and at the moment, living in a lovely rented flat whose bathroom is twice as big as the kitchen. Other than that, I am a great fan of a great chocolate and of common sense in all its forms. I am fascinated by human potential, although I have reconciled myself with the fact that most people don't make full use of it.

To sum up, I love finding out how life works and I still feel that the fact I can share my ideas with others is a huge honour. That's me!